Friday, April 24, 2009

2nd Outing =D

Hello Hello~ There is gonna be a 2nd Percussion Outing on da 30th/31st May! Make yourself available on both days okays! Best if it is a Saturday =D Cause if Sunday, Monday everyone will be real tired =D

Okay~ Let's say... I give you all the venue you all choose you all want? Cause XP suggested a lot place =.= Then say wanna go ZOO~

SO! Venues:

Vote: Ying Xin, Ying Yan, Lihui

Vote: -

Pulau Ubin?!
Vote: -

Vote: Sophia, Lihui

Vote: -

Bird Park?!
Vote: -

TADA~ Vote and I'll try my best to update =D

Oh~ The highest vote might not win though X_X
All including the year 1s SHOULD be involved =D NO MORE EXCUSES~

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