Saturday, April 11, 2009

First Percussion Outing =)

The young cooking Papa... The rest of the members are the old cooking Mama =D

Frying of eggs!


NYPCO Perc carve on the thin ice cream =)

Final photo before leaving Yuki n Yaki~

4 people~

Ying Yan was being pushed in :(

Take a look at the NG photo and then the final photo...

Look at XP for her meaning of Classy~

Our Superstar =D

Model and Superstar =)

Long(XP) Teng Hu(Sophia) Yue


Beauty(XP) and the beast(LH). XP wanted to be the beauty :D

Scared O.O

Ultrawomen! =X

Mouse o.o

Next outing is around May~ Wait for us!~

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